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New Class at Catland: Introducing the Thoth Tarot

Blessings to you all! I'm teaching the following class on November 29th at Catland:

A veritable treasure trove of magical symbolism, the Thoth Tarot is the premiere deck of the New Aeon.

Rich in imagery, it synthesizes a number of mystical, philosophical, and spiritual concepts. However, this denseness of imagery, combined with Thelemic idiosyncrasies, can make the Thoth deck a bit daunting to approach. This class will acquaint students of the Thoth tarot with the various schemas- Qabbalistic, Alchemical, Astrological, Magickal- that form the skeleton of the deck.

This class also provides comprehensive background material on the deck’s creation as well as theory and practice. Absolute Tarot beginners will go home with a broad comprehension of Tarot in general, and those interested in deepening their study of the Thoth Tarot will find further avenues for contemplation and clarification of some of the more baffling elements of the deck.

Online Early Bird Special- $30. Tickets Here:

Day of the Event- $50.


Phillip English and Wang Jianwei's "Time Temple" at the Guggenheim

For the past few weeks I've had the privilege of working with the visionary Chinese Artist Wang Jianwei on the  performance aspect of his solo exhibition at the Guggenheim. The exhibition is called Time Temple, and the performance was entitled "Spiral Ramp Library". The Guggenheim website explains the performance thusly:

Approaching his practice as an evolving rehearsal, Wang Jianwei scripts this performance based on improvised conversations inspired by the physical space of the museum, the work of writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges, and notions of time and space.

I was honored to be tapped as an Orator composing and delivering a speech about Gnosticism and early Hermetic cosmogony that was broadcast throughout the Guggenheim rotunda and that will be utilized in further theatrical permutations of the work culminating with a performance in February 2015.

The piece was inspired in equal parts by the mysticism of Jorge Luis Borges, the sublime architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, The Library of Alexandria, and the Tower of Babel. Being able to speak about Gnosis in such a space, and at the behest of a truly visionary artist, proved to be a truly ecstatic experience for me. Check out the exhibition if you can make it to the Guggenheim!

Exploring the Runes with Phillip English. Twelve Week Course at Catland

Exploring the Runes

Tickets Available Here

Most contemporary thought about the Runes falls into one of two categories: that of personal gnosis influenced by the syncretic practices of modern western magic, and that of strict historical reconstruction which view modern magical innovations relating to the runes as a-historic and heretical.

This twelve week course (Wednesdays at Catland 7-9 pm) will take a middle position.  Its initial aims are to familiarize the beginner with the objective historical development of the various Futharks (early Germanic alphabets) that form what we commonly call “The Runes” as well as to dispel some commonly held misconceptions about the Runes held by more experienced practitioners.

 After separating objective fact from speculative myth, this course will then provide a basis from which a student may begin to utilize the runes within contemporary magical practice.

 Students of this course can expect to learn:

·      Objective historical knowledge about the runes and academic rune studies

·      How to discern objective truths from subjective myths about the Runes

·    How to utilize the gnosis of contemporary runic magic in the context of Norse traditions in personal magical practice and divination.

 Readings will include primary historical documents alongside modern magical writing, and yes, there will be practical instruction on carving rune staves, magic, and divination.

For legal purposes under New York State Law, it is understood that all readings, services, and curios are provided for the purposes of entertainment only.