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Spring Session: Intensive Twelve Week One on One Runic Apprenticeship

As the popularity of Tarot and Divination continues to rise to faddish proportions, I have become concerned that the Runes will be added to this cultural milieu as a superficial addendum to a collection of sacred tools reduced to the status of party-tricks. As a result of this concern, I have directed the bulk of my energy to produce quality material and an educational framework to facilitate the aspirant student to approach the Runes as a source of deep spiritual wisdom and personal empowerment. In my twenty-one years of dedicated study and magical practice, the Runes have constantly proven themselves as the most potent magical device in my arsenal of knowledge. Therein lies the problem, as with that power comes a degree of potential danger that cannot be conveyed through the printed word. I am spiritually invested in spreading the wisdom of the Runes and providing guidance in the safest and best practices of runic magic and divination.

To this end, I have launched a one-on-one 12 week intensive program which continues this Spring.  Unlike many prefabricated correspondence courses, the curriculum will be customized to suit the needs of each student following an initial assessment and interview.  This personalized approach will enable aspirants of any knowledge-base to benefit from this program; from the beginner looking to build a solid foundation of knowledge to the expert aiming to deepen their understanding through close work with a fellow practitioner. While this program is open to all levels of experience, due to limitations on time and energy, only a relatively small number of applicants will be selected for this apprenticeship. Absolute beginners are welcome, however they must be seriously dedicated to their spiritual development and have a strong interest in the Runic magic (or the arts of Galdr and Seidhr) in order to be selected for this intensive twelve-week course of study. Space is limited and acceptance, after these qualities are assessed, is on a first come first serve basis.

As with all of my Runic courses, there will be a strong focus on assessing both historical and contemporary sources of Runic knowledge and lore, with an emphasis on developing a personal relationship with the Runes and spirits of the nine worlds. Though the curriculum will be personalized, each apprentice will receive the following:

       A weekly one-on-one session of instruction, guided study, q&a, and personal coaching lasting approx. 1-2 hours. This may be conducted in person to those in the New York City area, or via phone or Skype for long-distance students.

       A weekly Runic divination session with me (Phillip English) included with tuition (valued at 720 dollars).

       Guidance on developing personal relationships with the runes to foster the power of accurate divination and prophecy. This kind of personal relationship  enabled me to accurately predict the NBA playoffs in great detail as demonstrated in this link

       Instruction in the art of Galdr: This specifically relates to the use of runic chant, song and vibration, and the creation of talismans and charms to create change in the world around you. 

       Demonstrative guidance in the art of Seidr: specifically works of trance used to explore the nine worlds and commune with the spirits therein.

       Instruction in the creation, staining, and charging of rune staves and other magical tools.

       Hands-on guided practice in runic divination and magic

       A Certification of Completion from Vitki Arts(which is presented upon completion of apprenticeship)


The tuition for this twelve-week course is $350


To apply: Please write to with your name, age (this apprenticeship is only available to adults 18 years or older) and a summary (either brief or lengthy- use your intuition) of your interest in both the runes in general, and this apprenticeship in particular. A follow up interview may be scheduled to determine whether this is a good fit.   The deadline for application is 9pm on March 23rd, 2016.

For legal purposes under New York State Law, it is understood that all readings, services, and curios are provided for the purposes of entertainment only.